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Chigwell Gardeners: Virtually anybody in Chigwell who's got a garden will no doubt realise just how challenging it is to balance work and family time with maintaining a neat and tidy garden. If you are finding this to be the case then maybe you ought to consider calling in some outside assistance in the form of a local gardener. Needless to say, gardens need regular maintenance if they are to be kept neat and tidy, and it isn't possible to just leave them, since they'll not look after themselves nor wait around until we have the time to get to grips with them. And it is not just a case of doing this once, gardens of all sizes and shapes have to be frequently maintained, so if you are unable to accomplish this by yourself, the help of a reputable Chigwell gardener is essential if you're going to keep your precious garden looking terrific.

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Everyday gardening tasks like pulling up weeds, planting flowers, cutting your hedges, patio cleaning, dead-heading and mowing the lawn, are all things that a decent Chigwell gardener will be glad to help you with. And having somebody else to do all these chores for you, will mean that you have more leisure time to concentrate on the things that you enjoy doing. Even if you have got the time and inclination to do these gardening chores yourself, it may be a case that you haven't got all the required equipment and tools. Apart from smaller tools like rakes, dibbers, secateurs and spades, to clean the patio you'll need a pressure washer, to cut back your hedges you will need hedge clippers and to trim your lawn you'll need a lawn mower. Every Chigwell gardener worth his/her salt, will own all this equipment and lots more besides, meaning that this is one less worry on your mind.

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Even for householders in Chigwell who are OK at gardening, and have the desire and time to take care of their garden, there will be a time when they need a little bit of help with more complicated gardening projects. You could be in a situation where your garden has become overgrown and needs somebody to gather up all the accumulated clutter and make it look tidy once again, or maybe you have a project in mind to revamp your entire garden and give it a fresh new look - a fish pond or some wooden decking perhaps? Whichever your circumstances, locating a competent gardener in Chigwell, to save you precious time, work and over time, cash, is likely to be the best option.

Aspects of gardening like garden orientation, the form of garden you're able to cope with and suitable plants for the soil you have, are all challenges that a knowledgeable Chigwell gardener will be able to advise about. If, in merely a couple of months, your garden is just an amalgamation of dead flowers, overgrown weeds and out-of-control vegetation, there is very little point shelling out a ton of money on landscaping and planting it.

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If you don't have the time to keep on top of your garden then it will probably be sensible to employ a professional gardener on a part-time or full-time basis to guarantee that you end up with a garden to be very proud of, and that will prove to be envied by your neighbours in Chigwell.

Age UK's Gardening Service: Age UK sometimes offer a gardening service for elderly homeowners in Chigwell, with DBS checked tradespeople available. It should be emphasised that the Age UK service isn't free, and their charges of Twenty to twenty five pounds per hour, is on a par with gardeners in general. The sort of jobs you can anticipate getting done via Age UK's gardening service include:

  • General Tidying.
  • Trimming/Pruning.
  • Spreading Compost.
  • Digging.
  • Bulb Planting.
  • Mowing the Grass.
  • Sweeping Leaves.
  • Weed Control.
  • Cutting Back.
  • Potting.
These mostly fall under the heading of general garden maintenance. Tasks like landscaping, waste removal and tree surgery are not usually included (though you could always ask).

Before choosing a gardener in Chigwell it's vital that you discuss the amount of hours that will be necessary to keep your garden in good condition. This will obviously fluctuate from garden to garden. Many people in Chigwell seem to assume that 1 or 2 hours per week is enough time to keep a standard garden up to the mark, however this is impractical in a lot of instances. Were you to invest that limited number of hours on your garden each week, you can be fairly certain that you would rapidly have a logjam of. When discussing work hours with your gardener, you need to consider the knowledge, equipment and energy needed to deliver decent results.

Although advanced qualifications are not something that many Chigwell gardeners will likely have, you may be lucky and come across a rare one that does. Some Chigwell gardeners may have studied in their spare time to gain certificates via the Royal Horticulture Society (which are good qualifications to watch out for), whilst gaining practical, hands-on experience working on gardens. Some gardening firms in the Chigwell area offer their personnel the chance to study for City and Guilds (Level Two and Three), so that anybody in their employ can give clients the best service possible. Local contractors may also have given some ambitious gardeners a kick-start into horticulture by offering apprenticeships. Such time-served apprentices will often be the most experienced gardeners of all. Gardening qualifications of course are not a requirement for you if all that you are needing is your hedge cut back, your lawn trimmed or some border plants put in.

To cover both themselves and their customers in case of damages or accidents, any specialist gardener in Chigwell who's charging you for their services must have some form of public liability insurance. Your first thought might be that injury and accidents are unexpected with a leisurely occupation like gardening, however in reality such incidents happen much more often than you'd suppose. When you consider that gardeners will often be dealing with stinging insects, thorny hedges and loose branches, and making use of sharp tools like hedge clippers, secateurs and chainsaws, it's easy to see how accidents could happen.

You'll surely now understand why you should always ask for proof of insurance cover, and why it is so crucial for any gardener in Chigwell to have this. To cover both accidents that may happen to them while working on your garden, and potential damage that they could inflict on your property, you need to make certain they have sufficient public liability insurance whether you decide to use a large gardening company or a solo gardener in Chigwell. Typically, there will be roughly £1 mill to £5 mill worth of coverage on a gardener's public liability insurance.

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If ending up with an appealing looking garden is what you are dreaming of, get straight in touch with your friendly Chigwell gardener, who'll be very happy to bring your fantasy to a successful conclusion. Just give a clear idea of exactly what it is you want, and your gardener will work towards achieving this. Any decent Chigwell gardener should be able to inform you about what layouts will best suit your garden, what types of flowers and shrubs you should have and the ideal approach to maintaining it.

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When you're seeking out the ideal gardener in Chigwell, there are a number of ways to locate an exceptional one. You ought to start by asking colleagues and friends if they can recommend somebody who they have used previously and found to be effective.

Trellis Fence Chigwell

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Adding privacy to your garden while still permitting a fair degree of light to pass through is challenging, however it is perfectly possible with a trellis fence. This makes them a perfect alternative for boundaries between neighbouring homes, or when you wish to screen a pathway or road, without creating a solid obstruction.

Trellis fencing can be installed independently to good effect, but can also be interconnected as an effective boundary, with panel sizes to suit every garden. A solid fence panel can be enhanced by installing a short trellis top panel which climbing plants can be encouraged to grow around. This is normally called a fence top trellis.

Smaller hole trellis fence is also available, so that you are able to hide parts of your garden that you would rather not see, such as rubbish bins and compost heaps. These also offer a softer feel to blocking a space from unwelcome onlookers, than would be possible with a more solid fence panel.

Lawn Mowing Chigwell

Lawn Mowing Chigwell Essex

Having a wonderful lawn can be as simple as sending an email or picking up the phone to your local Chigwell gardener or lawn care contractor. A basic mowing of your grass may involve different processes based on what you use your lawn for, the season of the year (winter requires a longer cut for a lush lawn, summer needs to be shorter) and what type of grass you've got. Any sections experiencing high use, e.g. barbecues, kids play areas etc, will need a hard-wearing grass and a slightly longer cut than low-traffic spaces.

A lawn care specialist in Chigwell will carefully adjust the cutting height of the mower for various areas of your lawn for different uses, and ensure it stays looking great and kept healthy throughout the year. An experienced Chigwell lawn mowing specialist will also provide advice on feeding your grass at different times of the year, watering schedules, and the control of any weeds or moss which might start to appear. After the lawn has been cut, all grass trimmings will be collected up and disposed of at an official green waste tip, or mixed with your own compost bin if you have one.

Buying the Best Plants for Your Chigwell Garden

You may have been excited about having a new garden when you first bought your property. You might have gone to the nearest patio or garden store and bought whatever plant and flowers looked nice. After you planted them, they almost certainly stopped growing or just simply died. The likely explanation for your lack of success is that you did not do enough research on what soil works best for what plants. Listed below you will find a few tips on the subject of planting a new garden.

One thing you will need to think about is the soil that you will be planting in. Certain types of soil can hang on to moisture for a long time despite the fact that others may dry up quickly. The soil is set to be moist, or not, based on how quickly the water can be absorbed. If you discover that this dirt tends to dry quickly, you will probably want to get plants that don't need as much water. Also if your garden soil stays moist for a long time after a rain you will need to find plants that can survive with lots of water. This is just the first step in selecting the best plants.

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The next thing to check out will be the amount of sunlight your garden gets each day. You might have plants that will thrive in intense sunlight. You'll get plants that may end up dying if they receive too much sunlight during the day. The same can often happen for gardens which may be under a lot of shade. Consequently, while deciding on what plants to get, think about the amount of sunlight your garden gets each day.

One final thing you have got to remember is that you will not want to place all your plants too close together. When you have all of your plants bunched together there is a pretty good possibility that all the plants are not going to get the water and nutrients they need. You could also end up killing off some of the plants as a result. So you should definitely distribute your plants out leaving 1 and 1/2 feet to 2 feet of clearance between all the plants. In order to have large plants in your garden, you should have much more space between plants as well.

By sticking to the simple suggestions above you will find that you will be able to grow a beautiful garden with out having to worry about all the plants dying. The garden will also require less upkeep than if you threw caution to the wind. The key is to remember that your garden is something to be enjoyed instead of something to be toiled over.

Patio Cleaning Chigwell

You can clean your patio easily using bleach and water. A diluted solution of the substance will work well, but you should not apply it directly to the surface. The solution can damage the stone or discolour it. To avoid this, use non-staining deicing salt instead. Spring is a great time to clean your patio. Take the time to check joints, as well.

Patio Cleaning Chigwell

Before applying the mixture, you should move any plants from the patio's edge. This way, the solution won't harm them. However, it might kill weeds. If you have a garden containing flowers, you should cover them up or move them to a different area. You can also use this solution on weeds and other unwanted plants.

If you use chlorine bleach, you need to be careful while applying it to your patio. Be sure to wear protective clothing and goggles to avoid any eye or skin irritation. Bleach is a powerful chemical and should only be applied to the patio after a couple of hours. If you can't wait, you can use brown soap instead. It is less aggressive and safer than chemical cleaning solutions.

You can also use baking soda to remove organic stains. For instance, you can mix one cup of baking soda with one gallon of water and let it sit for 30 minutes. This solution will lift stains like dog urine or food splatter. Use a long-handled brush to apply the mixture to the affected areas. After twenty minutes, use a stiff brush to scrub off the remaining dirt. Patio cleaning is just one of the many tasks that your local Chigwell gardener will be happy to do.

Driveway Cleaning Chigwell

If you are intending to replace an existing driveway as your current one is starting to look tatty, it will be significantly less costly to clean it rather than change it. For lots of Chigwell home owners, it's not always a priority to maintain the cleanliness of their driveway. Yet, cleaning a driveway is crucial from both a maintenance and cosmetic viewpoint, and this should really be conducted fairly frequently. Over the years, the structure of your driveway can be damaged by roots, weeds and other organic plant growth. If your driveway has existing holes or cracks, these can be enlarged which may ultimately trigger structural issues.

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It's better to remove stains, dirt or weed growth from your drive in Chigwell as soon as possible after you discover them. It is not a good idea to hold out for the spring and summer months to power or pressure wash your drive, even though these are the periods when you are most likely to notice weed and moss growth. If diesel, oil and brake fluid leaks from your car, the appearance of your driveway in Chigwell can be really compromised. To prevent unattractive staining of the surface, it's therefore essential to get them cleaned promptly.

You will need a few tools such as and, together with a pressure washing device, in order to get your driveway properly clean. A specialist driveway cleaning service in Chigwell may be needed if you don't have the correct gear, or don't have the confidence to clean it yourself. You may even find that your local driveway installers will also offer this service.

Gardening Services Chigwell

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A certified Chigwell gardener will doubtless be able to help with block paving installation Chigwell, pathway and decking removal, the creosoting of fences Chigwell, boundary & hedge management, patio installation, garden shed repairs, paving services Chigwell, the replacement of fencing and trellis in Chigwell, planter installation, grass and lawn weeding Chigwell, garden decking repairsassembly, lawn edging and mowing, gravel driveways in Chigwell, garden mulching, sprinkler system installation, commercial garden makeovers in Chigwell, gardening estimates, trellis and planters, vegetation control, the installation of walls, garden planning and design, gardening and landscaping, the clipping of shrubs and hedges, cheap garden services, the installation of shed bases, garden landscaping Chigwell, garden watering in Chigwell, garden waste removal in Chigwell, the jet washing of porches, soil fertilization Chigwell, tree trimming in Chigwell, garden furniture maintainenance in Chigwell, water feature installation Chigwell and many additional gardening services. These are just some of the activities that can be conducted by a local gardener. Chigwell specialists will tell you about their entire range of gardening services.

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Also find: Abridge gardeners, Lambourne End gardeners, Gilwell Hill gardeners, Bournebridge gardeners, Little Heath gardeners, Redbridge gardeners, Hainault gardeners, High Beech gardeners, Sewardstone gardeners, Fairlop gardeners and more. Almost all of these towns and areas are covered by local gardeners. Property owners in these areas can get gardening quotations by going here.

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Suggested reading: Creative Vertical Gardening by Richard Gourzong, Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots, The Complete Gardener by Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Water Gardening, The Five Minute Garden, Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers by the Royal Horticultural Society, A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (Christopher Brickell).

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